Restoration Druid PvP Guide


It's difficult to conjure up an apt description of restorationd druids without returning to the days when a tree would waltz all over a battleground with half of the opposing team sitting on him.

Did the cute little tree care?

Like fuck he did. Improved barskin and perma tree form + most of our spells being instant made us true juggernauts- don't listen to delusional holidins my leafy friends.

Back then those silly misguided plate wearing fools did not even come close to us in terms of annoying the fuck out of rogues.

Doesn't sound familiar?

Thats because  Cataclysm hit and our leaves fell down from their glorious tree canapy. No longer do we sit in tree form 100% of the time and no longer are we the bane of all melee classes, now we are more or less the uninterruptable and for all intents and purposes immune to hex and polymorph class.

 Our HPS output is negligable (compared to our fellow healers) so its not healing that we bring to the table.

 Control. Flexibility. Defusion.

This guide aims to unravel the logic behind our class in a way that I hope will be concise and informative, I welcome all criticisms as long as it is constructive and as stated below my guide is based around *my* perception of how we do things.

The problem with healing is that we have no real rotation or cookie cutter spec in PvP.

Healing is about reacting to another opponents actions and as such I will be the first to say that my guide cannot be “followed”.

View it as a guideline, not a rulebook and just open your mind to new ideas and concepts- I have changed my opinion (and edited this guide) on spec and playstyle hundreds (literally) of times due to feedback from my readers, since WoW is always evolving, so must we.